Sea Fennel or Rock samphire  is a spontaneous herb which borns and grows between the rocks in front of the sea.
 In the area of the Conero Riviera this grass is called Paccasassi which literally means “breaking rocks” due to its ability to grow up through sea stones fissures.

Paccasassi is a very traditional, typical food and pride of Conero area. They have a very particular taste and they are great in combination with fresh bread, Mortadella Bologna, anchovies and smoked salmon. Futhermore, they give a special touch to salads and fish dishes.



Sea Fennel are cultivated and then manufactured following an ancient recipe that consists of a long marinade with wine vinegar and a final maturation in extra virgin olive oil.
This preserve is a very typical food in Conero area.

Rock Samphire trade started from ancient years until to 1800 all around Europe. Its use dates back to ancient times, even being mentioned in Shakespeare’s “King Lear”.

This aromatic grass is very rich of vitamin C and this is the reason why lots of sailors used to eat it to prevent scurvy.

Due to not controlled harvest, sea fennel started to disappear along the European coast. Still today in the area of the Conero Riviera sea fennel is considered a protected plant.


Conero Sea fennell will surprise you for sapidity and determinate taste. Once harvested they are preserved in high quality extra virgin olive oil and they are a healthy and versatile food.
Sea fennel have precious hidden nutritional virtues, being rich in healthy substances, such as Vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids and ω3-fatty acids.

Conero sea fennel can be eat raw or cooked: here you can find some nice dish.


Sea fennel in oil is extremely versatile and is ideal for imaginative appetizers or served as a garnish with top quality meat, salami and fish dishes.

The first recipe we want to share with you is a very old and a typical dish in Conero area, this is toasted bread with mortadella bologna and sea fennel.
 You can try sea fennel even on the pizza or on a typical crescia marchigiana.
If you like anchovies try crunchy bread with anchovies and rock samphire: in this you will enjoy the sapidity of sea taste.

One more recipe you can try is sea fennel with sausages.

If you want to try a nice dish put rock samphire on pasta with fish or mussels.

Never tasted Conero sea fennel pesto and sauce and the new sea fennel in natural truffle oil! Don’t miss them!

Crostino con salmone affumicato paccasassi e noce di burro
Piadina sfogliata con mortadella e paccasassi
Spaghetti al pesto di paccassassi


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